Jeff Russell

Vuky - Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Jeff wins the coveted

Vuky on his Birthday!


Jeff won his second Vukovich race this last weekend.

Last years heartbreak was this years vindication.

Jeff qualified just a fraction of a second behind Troy Regier.

The heat race resulted in a 2nd place finish.

When Jeff got back to the pits, he said the rear break had moved over.

The colar had come loose allowing the whole assembly to move.

We had to disassemble the rear brake assembly and move everything back where it belonged.

We just got it back together when Wayne noticed a break in the rotor. We were so busy trying to get the whole assembly back where it belonged, that we miss the broken rotor.

The clock was ticking, and to change a rotor on short notice is a real task.

It took everyones cooperation to get the job done.

We just got the car back together as the last car was being pushed out for the main event.

Jeff started next to Troy on the inside.

The car was awesome. Jeff dominated the track.

He could go anywhere on the track, and he did.

Around lap 14 Troy broke a front panhard bar and had to go to the infield.

The race was a much needed success for our team.

We look forward to the next race June 14th. We know

The other teams will be gunning for us now, so we can't miss a step.

Jeff did a Great job, and gave himself a great Birthday present. His Second Vukovich.







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