Jeff's road to Recovery

Thank you to the owners of Stone Creek Cafe

for putting up this awesome display of support for our dear friend.

Update: Tuesday, Dec 21 @ 5:15 pm

Jeff has been very active for the past couple of days. He is moving both legs a lot and seems to want to get out of that bed. We are thrilled that the right leg has movement now. The occupational therapist is working quite a bit with him. Thanks so much for checking in of Jeff and for your continued prayers and positive thoughts.

Update: Thursday, Dec 23 @ 6:30 am

There is no doubt about it - Jeff wants to get out of that bed. He has been sleeping a lot. But when he wakes up (usually in the afternoon and evening), he is a handful for Pam and the nurses. Of course, we are thrilled that he is so active. It certainly comes as no surprise that he is ready to get moving. We are all looking forward to his next bit of progress. Please know that we are so thankful for all of you and your continued support. Keep thinking the positive thoughts!!!

Fundraising update - Wow! What a great charity poker tournament! Thanks to all the players and personal donations. A special thanks to Al Russell, Jr., Ed Bollinger, Donny Colton, Bill Schultz, Mike Edwards, Dave Perry for organizing the event. Special thanks to Mike Mazek for donating the location and Dave Perry for the game tables. More special thanks to Donny Colton for donating his 1st place prize. Bill Rice, Ed and Mike also donated their 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Finally, thanks to Mike Edwards for running the game.

Update: Friday, Dec 24 @ 9:00 pm (Christmas Eve)

I went to visit Jeff this evening. Pam had just left to return home to feed the animals. Goade was in the room with Jeff. We heard that he had quite another active day. He is wearing his helmet in bed now because he keeps trying to sit himself up. This is just additional protection for him now that he wants to get on with things. Jeff was a bit drowsy tonight, so I did not anticipate staying to long. I leaned over and said to him that Bobby G (Wings Side Up) had sent him a very nice Christmas present. Jeff opened his eye widely and put a big smile on his face. He was squeezing my hand and shaking it. I have not seen Jeff smile that big or with such intent since the accident. (Of course, Pam is with him most of the day and may have seen something like that.) Once again, I was so thankful that Goade was a witness to this. He confirmed for me that I was not imagining it and that Jeff had responded to the mention of Bobby G.

With that, we offer our sincere appreciation to Bobby G, his staff and radio show listeners from Wing Side Up! Thank you for a wonderful Christmas present for Jeff. You are a great support for him and for others in our family. And thanks to all of you for your Christmas wishes!

Update: Saturday, Dec 25 @ 5:30 pm (Christmas Day)

It has been eight weeks since the accident. Grace fell upon Jeff. He is our miracle on Christmas and everyday. Our family thanks you so very much for your generosity and for your beautiful Christmas wishes. Our hearts are warm today!

Our family has some special messages for Jeff on Christmas -

Mercedes - Lord, please help Jeff get better. And better all day. Let him get out of the hospital.

Al Jr. - Merry Christmas Jeff. It's not the same without you. Mercedes misses Uncle Jeff putting her toys together. Love you very much! Keep fighting.

Lora - Merry Christmas Jeff. I miss you. I did not have a companion this year for that shot of cognac. Mercedes missed you so much. We do not have you this year to play. Please get well soon. We are going to have so much fun together. We love you.

Al Sr. - Get well son. I miss you!

Marilyn - You are doing well Jeff. I know we will have you back completely soon. I love you - Mom.

Bob - I wish you were back and that we could be doing things together again.

Ray and Judy - We love you and are looking forward to a full and speedy recovery.

Brent - I miss my Christmas phone call. I wish you were out of there so that we could go have a beer. I want to give you a big hug and know that you know its me - your cousin.

Denise - I wish to have many more Christmas holidays with you.

Jennifer - My only wish is for you to have your life back, brother. And I know you will. I also never realized how much your special Christmas cards meant to me until today. I love you!

Update: Tuesday, Dec 28 @ 9:10pm

A nice article about Jeff appeared in The Idaho Statesman today. Thanks to Paige McDaniel and Mike Prater from the Statesman!

Update: Friday, December 31st (New Year's Eve)

On October 31st, the day following Jeff's accident, he had surgery to remove blood clots from his brain. As a part of this procedure, the neurosurgeon remove part of his skull bone and "planted' it in his ride side to keep it "alive." On Wednesday, a local Boise neurosurgeon placed the skull bone back. He has been recovering nicely. His helmet is no longer needed. The day after surgery he was lifting himself to sit upright again. He is tough! He now has a sitter with him 24 hours a day to make certain he does not climb out of bed by himself. Pam is very happy that such good attention is being paid to him. Doctors are also attending to his previous surgical procedures (gall bladder, stomach, eye, etc) to make certain all are healing properly. We hope that his (room air) trach and neck brace can be removed soon. This will make Jeff very happy. We look forward to a new year that will bring Jeff a full recovery. That is our wish! Here's to all of you - thanks for thinking of Jeff today and have a very safe and Happy New Year!

Just a quick note,

I just wanted to personally thank all of you that have been checking in on Jeff and Praying for him. Since the accident in October, you have visited Jeff's website over 65,000 times. I know this is going to be overwelming for Jeff when he sees your concern and outpouring of love for him and his family. Have a Happy and Safe New Years.


Update: Sunday, Jan 2, 2011 @ 5:15 pm

Doctors did some testing over the weekend following Jeff's surgery. He has pneumonia, a staph infection and a small blood clot in his right arm. Much of this is normal. He is on antibiotics and pain medication. He is getting some much needed rest to help him heal. He has been very active and restless over the past weeks. We anticipate that he will get through these issues very soon. However, we would love your prayers and positive healing thoughts, as always! Thanks for your caring and wonderful New Year's wishes for Jeff and the entire family.

Update: Wednesday, Jan 5th @ 7:15 pm

Jeff underwent an unexpected surgery late last night to remove the skull bone that had been placed last week. It seems his infection is due to the bone itself. He is recovering today from the procedure. He is in pain - simply put. Could you please send your positive prayers and thoughts his way? Heal the pain he must be feeling from the surgery, heal his staph infection, heal his pneumonia. Jeff needs us all right now. Do what you do so well! Many, many thanks to you all!

Update: Thursday, Jan 6 @ 9:45 pm

We must thank you all once again for your get well messages to Jeff. We read them every day. To Michelle and Rick Harris - yes, we know of the Bob Woodruff story. Thanks for calling him out. It is a great story. Our cousin Jeanne Miranda Klein gave Mom the book to read. It is being passed around the family. We are also reading " My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor. I spoke with a nurse tonight who used to work with brain trauma patients at the Elk's Rehabilitation Center in Boise. He reminded me that every person is different in their recovery. The process will take time, commitment, patience and positive attitudes by those around Jeff. Jeff is recovering from his surgery and seems quite restless. A prosthetic bone is being made and will be placed in about six weeks. Jeff's cousins Marcie and Brent arrived from Washington tonight and were able to spend a bit of time with Jeff. Brent has not seen Jeff since that first week in Las Vegas. Marcie commented the he just wants to get out of that bed. Someday his mind and body will make that connection. Prayers are appreciated very much. Thanks for thinking of Jeff today.

Update: Saturday, Jan 8th @ 4:45 pm

Not much new to report. Jeff is recovering and trying to rest. Thanks again for you prayers and well wishes.

Update: Monday, January 10 @ 5:00 pm

It was a bit of upheaval this weekend for Jeff. But finally, his doctor believes that his infections are clearing, as the cultures are coming back negative. They also had to adjust his pain medication and his tube feeding. Finally, it seems he is getting a bit of much needed rest. Thanks Gary and Laurie for another book recommendation. I have been hearing many positive recovery stories from friends. The brain is most amazing - both mysterious and miraculous. Thank you once again for keeping Jeff, Pam and this family in your positive thoughts and prayers. They are very much needed and appreciated!

Update: Friday January 14 @ 7:00 pm

Today was a very good day. Pam was quite sick over the past few days and is feeling much better now. Jeff seems to be recovering quite well from his surgeries and the infection. We hope that his pain meds are dialed in even more so now. He is alert and even attempted to return a kiss to Pam tonight. (I hope she does not mind that I am sharing, but she was so excited with his action.) Jeff will still be on antibiotics for another week. We do not anticipate his skull bone (flap) to be replaced for at least another seven weeks. Most of the family, spent a couple of good hours with Jeff's doctors tonight. Good communication can be difficult to come by with various doctors and multiple family members. Hopefully, we are all on track now. We should know results of a test tomorrow that will determine if Jeff's gall bladder drain/tube can be removed. We hope that he is can get into rehab soon. This will be the next phase in his recovery process. We are certain that your prayers and positive energies helped Jeff to pass through this recent disruption. We can now move onward to more unfolding very soon. Again, we love your messages and are are certain that Jeff feels them. You are all amazing and we thank you so very much!


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