Jeff Russell

Madera 4-5-08

April 5th race results

Well, the weekend went very well.

With all the changes we made with the car over the winter, all we had to do at the track was put a couple of clicks of rebound in the shocks.Jeff went out with a good car right off the bat.

We quailified 2nd quick.

Jeff started in the back of the pack in the heat race, and quickly moved to the front of the pack for the win.

The car was working very well through the bottom, allowing Jeff the ability to pass underneath.

In the main we started 5th row inside.

The green flag was thrown and the race was on.

Jeff and Troy drag raced for two laps until the inside lane got jammed up, and the outside lane went.

Jeff had his work cut out for him after that.

Troy was running really well, and to loose any ground with him, is hard to make up. Jeff and Troy's cars were very close in speed and handling.

This race was going to be determined by race circumstances.

About 35 laps into the race, Jeff had caught Troy with a lapped car between them.

For three restarts this lapped car kept us from challenging Troy.

By the time Jeff would get around the lapped car, Troy had already put some distance between them.

It was a good race.

That being said, we believe on any given night, the races are no more a given.

We are right there, and I forsee our share of wins this year.

Wayne has done a great job of bringing us up to the level where we can compete with the best there is, and Jeff is driving better than I've ever seen him.

The next race is in Madera May 10, 2008.


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