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Update: Saturday Nov. 13, 8:00am

Another steady and stable day for Jeff. They sat him up in bed and he wore his helmet for a bit. Al Jr. was just in Las Vegas to visit his brother for several days. He said "Jeff looks like he lost 100 lbs" since the previous week because of the reduced swelling all over his body. Al said he open his right eye and blinked a couple of times. Of course, this was just small, but new reaction. He has also had the hiccups quite a bit. The antibiotics used for the pneumonia are working. Al has been a pillar of strength for Marilyn, Pam and especially Jeff. Jeff is very fortunate to have his little brother taking care of things. Get well soon Jeff! We love you very much!

Update: Sunday, Nov 14, 2010 - 5:10 pm

Jeff had a tracheotomy this morning which allowed for the breathing tube that he dislikes so much to be removed. This will also eliminate future episodes of pneumonia. The doctor said he did great throughout the procedure. He has no fractured or dislocated jaw, as originally thought. It was actually the breathing tube altering the cat scan film. Doctors also thought he may have a fracture left eye socket, but it is edema (extreme swelling) and will heal in time. We will take those bits of good news. Mom was very excited today when Jeff opened his right eye and kept it open for some time. Granted, it does not appear that he can focus. Both Pam and Al Jr have seen this too, but it made her day. It's these little things that keep us going.

As we mentioned previously, many activities are taking place to assist Jeff financially. We are so thankful for your kindness. And again, we request that all donations be made to the Jeff Russell benifit fund at any Key bank or US Bank. If you have any questions about your own or other fundraising/donation efforts, please contact Al Russell, Jr. @ 208.724.8899. Thanks so much for checking on Jeff today.

Update - Monday, Nov 15th, 2010 - 4:00 pm

It was a good meeting with the doctors today and Jeff is recovering well after his procedure yesterday. They are going try to wean him from the ventilator as a trial to see if he can breathe on his own. They also did labs today and his results will be back tomorrow. Our family is so pleased and really quite amazed at the number of friends that Jeff has gathered over the years. It should be no surprise really, as he is very caring toward others and made friends where ever he went. We all know that someday soon Jeff will be reading these 600+ 'get well' messages. In addition to your notes wishing him well, could you share with us your favorite story about Jeff? I think it would be helpful to all of us to laugh and smile as we envision his full and speedy recovery. We look forward to reading your stories. Thanks ever so much for checking in on Jeff today

Update: Wed. Nov. 17, 6:00 pm

Late last night, doctors conducted exploratory surgery on Jeff's stomach, as they were concerned when a cat scan showed air in his abdominal area. They found that the feeding tube was leaking air and fluid. Thankfully, it was nothing serious. They also took stitches out of his head today. He is resting well and has opened his right eye several times. He looks more and more like Jeff as each day passes. He has good color in his face. Marilyn and Pam want to thank Marisa Turner (Las Vegas) for kindly doing laundry for them. It is so helpful. Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts. We are all enjoying the stories being shared about Jeff. Keep them coming. He will enjoy reading them one day soon!

Update: Thurs. Nov. 18, 6:30 pm

Jeff is still progressing well after his stomach procedure. Doctors are hoping his hiccups subside. They seemed to have diminished a bit today. The most exciting news of the day is that Jeff reached up with his left hand and scratched his chest. He has been itching for quite a while this afternoon actually. It maybe be an allergic reaction to one of his meds. Benadryl is on the way. Nevertheless, everyone seems to be pretty excited about the movement. It was a good day. Thanks so much for thinking about Jeff today.

Update: Friday Nov. 19, 6:15pm

Another good day for Jeff. His labs came back and his blood shows no sign of bacteria. The pnuemonia has diminished, but not entirely gone. He has not hiccupped today which is great progress. This has enabled him to keep is liquid feeding and vitamins down. The doctors want to make certain that he is well nourished before consideration of transport back to Boise. We hope that day is near. He did a lot of left handed squeezing today. He also moved his right arm and both legs. The movement is very encouraging. We are so appreciative of your love and support.

Jeff Update - Saturday, Nov 20th @ 11:30 pm

The message is delayed today because I just returned from a four-day visit with my brother. When I arrived on Wednesday and began talking to Jeff, he opened is right eye. This was amazing since I had not been with him since November 2nd. Yesterday, when I asked if he knew I was there, Jeff squeezed my hand. Tears filled my eyes. He has been squeezing the hands of other family members for three days now. Pam received the first squeeze, as it should be. As of today, the itching has stopped, but he is still squeezing and opening his hand. His nurse commented to him, "Squeeze on, brother." His right hand seems a bit swollen. They did an x-ray and nothing is broken. It could be due to lack of movement. Pam and the nurses will work with this hand a bit more to get it moving like it was yesterday. His left eye seemed a bit more swollen and they found that he has an infection called cellulitis, which is being treated with antibiotics. Jeff is keeping is liquid food down and his hiccups seem to be gone now. From my perspective, Jeff's progress is truly remarkable. Pam and Mom are tired but moving along. They have it down to a routine now. I was able to get them out of the hospital/hotel a couple of times. I hope it helped to lift them a bit. Family and friends are there now to visit Jeff and that is also helpful to Pam and Mom. I also want you to know I shared some of your stories and comments with Jeff. I know he can feel them somehow, but I wanted to read some of them to him, as well. Given Pam and Mom don't have computer access, Mom was able to sit at my Mac a couple of times and read through your well wishes. It brought tears because you can feel the caring. I know many of you check this site every day. I have heard of some Las Vegas kids who log onto the website to check on Jeff before and after they go to school. We thank you for checking on Jeff again today. Keep your stories coming. He will love them! (Jennifer)

Update for Sunday, Nov 21, 2010 @ 9:20 pm

Jeff's left eye has been increasingly red and swollen over the past week. It was determined it was cellulitis, which is a nasty infection. The doctor was concerned enough to rush him into a procedure to relieve the pressure and treat the bacteria at around midnight. They did a cat scan at 2:00 am and found bleeding behind the eye. Late this morning, a carotid angiogram was preformed by an amazing doctor who is typically practices Michigan, but happened to be at UMC Las Vegas. This technology is only 10 years old. The procedure had only been done twice before at University Medical Center. Jeff was the third. The doctor found a microscopic perforation and was able to place a coil to stop the bleeding. Jeff came through surgery brilliantly and the doctors are very pleased. We feel that Jeff is under the best care possible at UMC Las Vegas. We also know that Jeff is truly a miracle and is being guided in every way. Prayers and positive thoughts continue to bless this husband, son, brother, uncle and friend. Our continued thanks to you!

Update for Monday, Nov 22 @ 6:00 pm

Jeff is recovering very well after yesterday's surgery. He is responding to requests to move his left arm and his legs. Pam says his grip is tight and he is actually moving more today than in days past. Pam and Marilyn seem to be in very good spirits today. Some family and great friends were there for the weekend. Without a doubt, Jeff was glad that they were there. And without a doubt, Jeff is glad you are thinking of him today.

Update: Tuesday, Nov 23 @ 6:45 pm

A vascular scan was performed today to check for bleeding behind Jeff's eye. Thankfully, there is no bleeding - meaning that amazing surgery was a success. The doctors are still concerned about the pressure build up/swelling on that left eye. They continued with antibiotics and as of this afternoon, the swelling seemed to be going down a bit. Jeff's left eye has a lot of healing to do and Pam is asking you all to please focus on it with prayers (or whatever you choose to do). We all know what a miracle we have here with Jeff's progress overall. Let's take it further tonight and see what we can do to assist with his eye. We are so thankful that Jeff has you all thinking of him.

Update: Wednesday, Nov 24 @ 8:00pm

Jeff rested a lot today. The doctor mentioned that he must be very tired given all that he has been through. He said that ICU is not the easiest place to get rest, coma or not. The pressure on his left eye is less today, but the swelling and infection are about the same. They administered a steroid today hoping that will help. This is a tough infection. Please hope and pray for the best possible outcome. We really appreciate the wonderful get well messages for Jeff. Thanks again for checking on him today.

Update: Thursday, Nov 25, 4:20pm

Dearest Jeff - Thanksgiving today is not the same without you, of course. We decided to wait to have your favorite pumpkin pie until you can join us. We missed Mom and Pam too. But we are thankful that they can be there with you. We said a big prayer together for you brother. Mercedes insisted that we all hold hands for you. Al Jr. said the heartfelt blessing. It is all about you Jeff! We love you more that you can possibly know. We are most thankful for you! We will be with you every step of the way. To all of you checking in today - A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. We have read your messages together. We are thankful today and everyday for your well wishes! Our love is with you Jeff! Dad, Al Jr., Lora, Mercedes, Bob and Jennifer

ilu prexlk mmngvchbnmhfvnb (translated to say, " i love you uncle jeff" typed by Mercedes Russell)

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