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Las Vegas Bullring

Jeff's Family would like to ask friends and family to pray for Jeff as he is in Critical but stable condition. It appears that the front spindle broke sending Jeff into the wall at a high rate of speed. Jeff had to be cut out of the car and was Transported to Las Vegas Trauma center. He is currently undergoing surgery at this time. The family is asking that fans and friends not call the hospital. We will update this website as new information becomes available.

UpDate: Sunday Oct. 31, 3:50 pm / Idaho Time

Jeff came through brain surgery and is doing well. They removed a couple of blood clots and fixed a couple of bleeds. His brain has swollen so they have removed a small piece of skull to relieve the pressure. The doctors are encouraged by his improvements.

His injuries are extensive. He has a fractured vertebrae in his neck, a broken arm, and leg, some broken ribs, and some bruised lungs. He is still unconscious. He will have a long recovery, but he is strong, and things are looking up tonight. Please keep up your prayers. They are being answered one step at a time.

Update: Monday Nov 1, 8:20 am

Jeff is still in critical condition this morning. Pam stayed the night with Jeff and hasnt left his side. He has good reflexes and appears there is no spinal cord injury. The doctors are keeping him sudated. Jeff has a tube in his chest and the doctors say it may be anywhere from a week to a month before the tube can be removed. Jeffs mother Marilyn is going to stay in Vegas in a Cottage till he is released. His wife Pam, may have to leave in a couple of weeks so as to not loose her job. Pray he is doing much better by this time so she will be able to work. The family would like to thank all of the fans, family and friends for all of your prayers. This has been devistating to all who know and love Jeff.

Update Monday Nov. 1, 9:40 am

The swelling in Jeff's brain has gone way down. They have put a sensor in his brain to determine any future swelling and help detect any future clots. His leg has been set but the fracture in his neck has not been repaired as of yet. He is looking better this morning Marilyn said. Jeff is fortunate to have such a loving wife and mother. They really need our prayers and support right now. Marilyn said she woke up crying this morning, but she is very optimistic.

Update: Monday Nov 1, 10:32 am

Jeff is back in surgery to remove more blood clots and to put some sort of screen to filter any clots out and keep them out of his heart. Jeff Goad said the doctors claim this is expected with the reduction of swelling.

Update: Monday Nov 1, 2:40 pm

Jeff is out of surgery. They put a stint like screen in to protect his heart from clots and repaired a few more vessells. The doctors are encouraging and are planning his next surgeries. Jeff has some other injuries not mentioned above. He also has a broken jaw and his check and eyesocket are broken. The impact also broke both of his eardrums. The eye throat and ear specialist say he may loose some hearing. I believe they may repair his neck next as they are concerned about moving his head. The swelling is continuing to go down which doctors say is a very good sign.

Update: Monday Nov 1, 6:45 pm

Bob Cambou said Jeff has moved his hand and a foot on his own. This is a very good sign. The doctors dont really want to see Jeff wake up just yet. They say he will heal much faster and the pain is more easily managed if hes not awake. The family members are encouraged not to move him or try to wake him.

Update: Tuesday Nov 2, 12:45 pm

Pam called me this morning and said Jeff had some more test run last night. The tests seem to indicate progress. Shes asking everyone to pray he gets movement in his right hand. Pam would like to thank everyone for there support and prayers, however she wants to encourage everyone to keep Jeff in your prayers as he is still not out of the woods. She told me knowing everyone is praying for Jeff is helping her and Marilyn cope with the situation.

Personal Note: I will try to update as often as I can. I work out in the field and dont always have internet access.

Update Tuesday Nov 2, 6:40 pm

Jeff is still unconscious tonight but is improving. Tomorrow he will have surgery on his leg. They are going to put a rod in it. Bob and Marilyn were under the impression the leg had been set. Pam and Marilyn have learned that donations will be taken at the Las Vegas Bullring races on Friday and Saturday nights.

SUPRS ( is sponsoring this effort and is the sole administrating body of the Dion Parish Memorial Benevolent Fund. Through cash donations, this fund is used to give back to the drivers, teams, tracks, and fans that support supermodified racing in times of need. A special thanks to all of you at the races this weekend who contribute. Doctors say it could be a month before Jeff is out of ICU. We will have an address for you in the next day or two of where you can send your cards. It will probably be a Boise address so Jeff will get them either when he gets home or we may just send them to him when he's recovering and is out of ICU.

Update: Wednesday Nov. 3, 6:00 am

There is some good news this morning. The doctors are saying his neck should heal on its own so they dont anticipate a future surgery on this . The earlier reports where that he had a broken arm. Bob said they revised this claim. There is not a break in the arm. He still hasnt moved his right hand yet, but the doctors say that he has moved his right leg, so they dont believe it is a disconnect from the brain. I asked Bob about Jeffs Jaw and check bone and he said they really havent addressed these area as of yet. Everytime I talk to Pam and Marilyn, they stress thanking all of you for your prayers and support. It is an awesome thing to see what an incredible racing family can do in times of crisis. They wanted to thank all of the family and friends that rushed to their sides flying in from all over. Jeffs sister Jennifer was on a plane the next morning as were His brother Al Jr, Al senior, and Jeffs long time friend Randy Irish, and Jeff's cousin Brent Hoelzle. I may have missed some people, and I appologize if I did.The outpouring of love from so many people is an indication of the impact Jeff has had in not only the racing arena but in his life. He is a great friend. Thank you all. Im sure Jeff will be overwhelmed at the outpouring of prayers from all of you.

Update: Wednesday Nov. 3, 7:50 pm

Jeff went into surgery at 5:00 pm Idaho time to put the rod in his left leg. His blood count was low and they had to give him a transfusion. The nurse told Marilyn it's fairly common. Marilyn said the doctors told her Jeff wouldn't need anymore surgeries other than to replace the piece in his skull. I will update when Jeff gets out of surgery if it's not to late.

Update: Wednesday Nov. 3, 8:50

Jeff is out of surgery and the doctors said he did well.The leg was badly broken and had allot of bone fragments that had to be removed. The doctor said it may be slow healing, but he should get full use of it. Pam said she sleeps next to Jeff at night. She wants to be there in case he wakes up. She said the nurses do reflex testing at night, and she thought a couple of times he was going to wake up. Pam asks that you continue praying for his right arm and hand. He still hasnt moved it. Pam and Marilyn seem in better spirits. Each day seems to be a little less stressful than the last. It will be such a relief when he is awake and talking.

Special Message from Jeff's sister Jennifer.

I have read every one of your messages for my brother, Jeff. Your words have brought comfort to our family and close friends who have been at Jeff's side over the past several days. Most importantly, I am certain that Jeff is receptive to each prayer and healing thought you send his way. I am quite positive that my brother will make a full recovery. Every day I will see him in that light.

May I ask that you all continue to send your prayers and well wishes to Jeff each day? I know he can feel your thoughts and hear your words. Our entire family is so thankful to all of you for your love and support.

Jennifer Russell

Update: Thursday Nov. 4, 9:00 pm

Not much happened today. They gave Jeff two units of blood to try and raise the oxygen level to Jeff's brain. They did a cat scan tonight, but the results havent come back as of yet. Pam said she leaned over Jeff today and told him Marilyn and her were going to be there till he wakes up, and Pam said a tear rolled down his cheek.

If you would like to send Jeff a card, the address is 247 Buckskin Dr. Nampa Idaho, 83687 in care of Drew Palmer. Please just send cards as we will need to transport them to Jeff when he wakes up. Jeff is a Painting contractor, and before he left he had jobs set up for his guys to do while he was gone. Dan is Jeff's number one guy, and he would like everyone to know Specialty Paintworks is still doing business. Dan is very capable of doing the work for Jeff while he's healing. I am a Painting Contractor as well and I will be helping Dan if he needs it. Dan is carrying Jeffs phone so he can be reached. It's very important that everyone knows Jeff's still in business.

Message from Jennifer Russell

Jeff Russell Benefit Fund

We are beginning to learn of many generous and thoughtful fundraising ideas to assist Jeff financially. The kindness is overwhelming. The family has set up two accounts in order to simplify this process. If you would like to donate as a result of your fundraising efforts or as your own generous way of helping out,"Jeff Russell Benefit Fund" at any Key Bank or US Bank. Again, we are so appreciative and know that Jeff will be so very thankful to all of you.


Update: Saturday Nov. 6, 5:30pm

I talked to Marilyn and she said the doctors replaced the drug that was keeping Jeff sudated, and his blood pressure spiked to 219 on the high side. They have gotten his blood pressure down now. He moved his right hand when they tried to bring him around today, but the pressure in his brain started climbing and it took a while for it to go down. The doctors are saying hes not ready to wake up yet. Pray for Pam and Marilyn as they are wearing down from all the pressure they've been under. Pray that Jeff will continue to improve, and not have any complications

Update: Saturday Nov. 6, 7:35

I just spoke with Pam who received an update from Jeff's doctors. The swelling has gone down considerably in his face, arms and legs. Pam was in the room when nurses cleaned his oxygen tube (which Jeff does not like) and he moved his right hand. We certainly see this as good progress. Jeff's lungs are no longer being drained, but there is still concern about the bruising. Another good note is that Jeff's blood pressure has stabilized. Tomorrow the doctors will begin to reduce Jeff's sedation so that they can get sense of his responsiveness. Jeff is still listed as critical, but stable condition. Thanks so very much to all of you who check in daily. Your positive thoughts and prayers are reaching Jeff

Update: Sunday Nov 7, 8:25 pm

It was a good day! Jeff's lungs are showing signs of improvement. Today's lab tests came back "beautifully." The doctor made a passing comment to Marilyn that 'we are making headway - heading in the right direction.' The sedation drugs have been changed and it may take a day or two to see the results. Pam was in good spirits today and said that he "looks more and more like Jeff everyday."

I don't think it is possible to doubt the power of positive thought and prayer. We must keep it up each day. Jeff needs all of us in order to fully recover. Thanks so much for checking in and thinking of him today!

Update: Monday Nov. 8, 8:50 pm

Jeff had an MRI on his spine today. It showed small fragments on the side, but appears not to be a cause for concern. His cervical fracture at C2 is beginning to heal. He was fitted for a helmet to protect his head once he begins to get up and around. Jeff's blood pressure and fever were a bit high today. Pam is keeping on the nurses to make sure his tylenol and cold compresses are on hand. Overall, the doctors are happy with the progress, even though they want to see some things move more quickly. We are most certain that Jeff has the best care possible. At the time of the writing, Jeff's Pittsburgh Steelers are winning 20-7 against Cincinnati. We know that makes him smile. Thanks for thinking of Jeff today!

Update: Tuesday Nov 9, 5:50pm

The doctors are now trying to wake Jeff up slowly by bringing the sedation down again and by playing music in his room. Pam insists on Christian contemporary music, although she knows he would have other choices. Al Jr. (Jeff's brother) brought Jeff's bible from home. His good friend, Drew Palmer, gave him "The Book of Psalms" one year for Christmas. Pam is reading verses to Jeff and encourages you to do the same. She said that at certain points throughout the day, he moves his legs and will move his head very slightly back and forth. He has pneumonia (expected) and a bit of jaundice (unexpected), so they are checking his gall bladder with an ultra sound. His blood pressure and fever are back under control. They have changed out his neck brace and are painting camouflage on his new helmet, as plain white will not do. It was a "cruise control" day and we will certainly take that. Once again, thanks so much for your 'get well' messages on the site. The love, healing thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

Update: Wed. Nov. 10, 7:25pm

Jeff's sedation is back up as doctors placed a drainage tube in his gall bladder. His lab work came back and the results were very good. He reached an oxygen level goal today (from 100% to 40%). The doctors are very pleased. As always, keep Jeff in your thoughts and thanks very much for checking on him today.

Update: Thurs. Nov. 11, 7:30 pm

There is not a lot to report today. The doctors are taking down Jeff's sedation. It will take some time to leave his system. It is now a waiting game to see how he responds. The waiting and anticipation can be difficult for all of us. However, we feel so very fortunate at his progress so far. Now more than ever, Jeff needs your positive thoughts and prayers. He is so lucky to have so many of you thinking of him and checking on his progress every day.

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