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Jeff Russell Road to Recovery
Saturday July 30 2016. He is doing so well and is a very determined young man. He needs more speech therapy but I will never give up on my son, Jeff Russell!  He is amazing and my hero!  I love him so much and we need that help and love from his fans and friends.  Don't forget Jeff because he hasn't forgotten you.  And people need to make time to see him!  That is one of my biggest things that people neglect to visit him and it is so important.  5 minutes out of your life is nothing and a very big deal to Jeff.  We love you all!  Welcoming prayers always!  Marilyn!
June 22, 2016
I wanted to do an update on my son, Jeff Russell.  What an amazing man!  He amazes me!  He hasn't got all the speech down yet but getting there.  He is playing a little basketball now and really working hard at being where he was before.  When I go over to visit he never wants me to leave. Makes a Mom feel good.  He spends every Wednesday at our house so Pam can clean her Mom's House.  Of course, there are special meals for Jeff! He still has the wonderful sense of humor, thank  goodness.  He is also so excited to go to Salt Lake City to the Super Modified Races. 
Please, please people, visit!  It will make you feel good!  Everyone can't be that busy that you can't make Jeff give you that big smile and hug!  Jeff's Road to Recovery Race is July 30th this year and hope to see you there!  Love you all!  Marilyn
March 10, 2016
Jeff is spending the day with me  today and he is such a joy to have around.  I see so many improvements and today he was trying to hold a coke can with his right hand and was very successful at drinking the small can using the right hand.  Another accomplishment down for Jeff!  Hooray!  He called and sang Happy Birthday to Dad Al! Whoever has not seen Jeff lately, you are missing out on his hard work and accomplishments.  Still trying to get more words out and doing a great job, but still gets frustrated at times.  He really is trying to go all the way,
 so prayers for our Jeff and prayers right back at you! Another Benefit coming up to help Jeff with his medications, speech therapy and physical therapy.  Thank you everyone!  We love you all!  Jeff wants me to tell everyone of you "HI."                                  
The Jeff Russell family wants to wish everyone a Happy, safe Holiday Season!  We love this time of year because a couple of years Jeff could not enjoy it and now he does.  He still likes for his friends to stop by so try to do that little thing for us!  It really helps Jeff.  His speech is coming along but slow but putting 3 words together now!  Every so often he really surprises us!  We will not give up.  We have faith, hope and we believe in miracles!  Everyone, please still keep Jeff in your prayers, that keeps us all going!  He spends a few days overnight with us, once a month or more often and enjoys having his Mom do things for him.  I love spoiling him!  Like old times!  Hope the New Year brings health, happiness to all of you!  Love, from all of us,
Marilyn (Jeff's Mom)
Hi, everyone.
We have had a busy summer and now we have to think of things to keep Jeff busy in the fall and winter besides his speech and Physical Therapy.  We always have his "Pittsburgh Steeler's" and they had better perform this year or Jeff gets upset. 
This summer we took Jeff and Pam to Salt Lake City to the Super Modified Races and it was well worth it.  He was so happy to see everyone of his fellow drivers and they were so good to Jeff.  So the first week of August, we took him to a Family Reunion in Washington, above Seattle.  He traveled very well other then getting car sick going by way of Leavenworth, consequently we did not come home that way.  Mom had to clean up! I have a very weak stomach but felt so sorry for him!  He loved seeing all of his relatives. 
He is getting out a few more words and phrases every month, but still a slow process.  If you have not seen him in a year, you must, he has made very good progress, thanks to him being able to have Speech and Physical Therapy,
Would love for extra prayers for Jeff on Monday Sept. 21st, please!  He is going to have  a surgery on his right hand to see if we can't fix the fingers on the right hand.  The surgeon said he could fix it and I hope so because Jeff is so excited!  Jeff really wants to use that right hand! I always get nervous when he goes into surgery but what a tough guy, as you all know!
Thank you everyone for your love support and helping the family pay for his therapy.  Love you all!  Anyone is welcome to see Jeff and he loves your visits!  It just takes 15 minutes of your time to have him  know everyone cares!  PRAYERS FOR A COMPLETE RECOVERY!   Thank you!  
Marilyn (Jeff's Mom)
Hi Friends and Fans and Family!
Jeff did very well since his knee surgery.  He is also slowly getting out more words and his Speech Therapist, Mari , is so proud of him.  He is working very hard.  She said it will take awhile.  It's still a long road for Jeff.  He know everyone and doesn't miss a word you are saying. That's a good thing!  He is still a big tease.  He teases me, just like the old days!  He has his struggles but we try to keep him very positive and tell him we don't give up, it's not in our vocabulary!   Thank you everyone for still thinking of Jeff and your prayers are very much still needed! 
We are very busy working on this year's Jeff Russell's Road to Recovery which Meridian Speedway has for Jeff every year.  It is Saturday July 25th.  We are having new shirts made this year and they will be available for sale on July 1st and throughout the year, so let us know if you want to purchase one.  Will put a picture on the website when they are finished. We have $2.00 Admission Tickets for sale now for Jeff's Benefit Race and they are not available at the gate only from Mom and Bob Cambou.  Contact us if you would like to buy some.  There are many wonderful raffle items and silent auction items, so don't miss the chance of helping Jeff and helping yourself to a nice surprise and also getting to see Jeff.  The money helps us, so we may pay for Jeff's Speech and Physical Therapy, medical bills that insurance does not cover.  Please try to attend.  Be sure and say hi to us, love you caring people!!  Jeff would love to hear from his wonderful friends and fans!!
March 5, 2015
Hi everyone,
I wanted to update everyone on Jeff's progress.  He is doing very well in his Speech Therapy, a few more clear words and  a few sentences.  We are very proud of him as he is working very hard to get well.  His knee is doing so much better since his surgery.  He still tires very easily which is normal for  a Traumatic Brain Injury.  We are working with his right hand trying to get those 3 fingers to work.  Found out that his insurance will cover some occupational therapy at St. Luke's ( The old Elk's Rehab Center).  We are already working on his 5th Annual Jeff Russell Benefit being held at Meridian Speedway on July 25th.  We are in the process of making new shirts this year and selling advertising on the back.  It will be a very cool shirt with Jeff's Rotax Motorcycle and Race Car and picture of Jeff.  On the back will be advertising for whoever buys in this year.  Very good way to advertise and also help Jeff.  Thank you everyone for all your support and it warms our hearts to think of  such loving, giving people.  Jeff would do the very same for all of you!
We love you and we are all looking forward to spring!
Thanks you,
Marilyn (Jeff's Mom)
Dear Friends and Fans,
We want to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.
Jeff is progressing well. He's getting a few more words out every week but some things we still can't understand but our son never gives up.
The Speech Therapist is very pleased but it will all take time. Bryan, his Physical Therapist took Jeff on an outing last Sunday.
They went to a Sports Bar to have lunch and watch the Steeler's win. Jeff had so much fun and he just wants to be like everyone else. He's still one of the guys and Bryan does so much for Jeff and is so proud of the amazing things Jeff is doing and is so proud to be a part of his progress.
Thanks Bryan for being a great friend also. Thanks for everyone's help and the encouragement they have given Jeff.
Thanks Tom Joyce for your frequent visits, which Jeff really enjoys!
Jeff will be having knee surgery next month for several problems which need to be addressed, so keep him in your prayers!
We will let you know how he is doing and maybe some visits will help Jeff pass the time. Anyone, it's that time of year to show love,so stop in a wish him a Happy Holiday Season and the Best new Year ever!
We love you all! Cherish your wonderful families!
Hi everyone!
First of all, a big Thank You to Meridian Speedway and Rods and Rides Car and Bike show, for the Benefit's for Jeff this year.
Everyone involved did so much work for Jeff and everyone that attended. It really warms our hearts to think people still care so much for Jeff's recovery.
Jeff is going forward, yet slowly and thankful not backwards. He's getting a few more words out but this also will take time.
He loves working out with his physical trainer, Bryan. Of course he loves when Mari is coming for his Speech Therapy, although it is very intense for Jeff.
Jeff is working very hard and understands, but sometimes gets so frustrated.
He is having a visitor today, Beth Fullerton who is visiting from Calif., so Jeff will be so happy.
Thank you Beth for visiting. You are all welcome to visit Jeff.
We are so proud of Jeff and the determination and sometimes it hurts me as a Mom that I can't make this better, sooner!
Thankful he is here. Love him so much!
Prayers always for Jeff, please!



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Update July 31, 2014

Jeff is doing quite well and is moving forward but slowly! Thank you for all that helped at Jeff's Benefit and also for several out-of-town donations. We can continue to give Jeff the best care possible. Bless you all. His Speech Therapist, Mari said he is really doing good and now we need him to get his self confidence back so he will voluntarily speak. It has been so frustrating for him. Jeff will be back, we just don't know when! We never give up! Thanks to everyone who still keeps in touch with us! You know who you are and we appreciate the concern and the support you give the family. This is a long journey and even a little note of encouragement for Jeff and the family helps! We need our friends! Prayers for Jeff and his speech and overall health. Prayers for Pam to keep up her strength and be well!
Also wanted to add, please send your condolesences to Drew Palmer and family. He just lost his Mom. Drew is a true friend to Jeff and family. As you will remember Drew was on Jeff's pit crew! Prayers always, Drew!


Soni Coffman, Know your exhausted this morning. Can't thank you enough for all your hard work on the Jeff Russell Benefit. She has been a friend of the family for so many years and has always been there for us. When you see Soni, please thank her for all she does. She starts in January and works her butt off for Jeff. It was very successful! Thank you Meridian Speedway for letting us sell $2.00 tickets and everyone that helped. Silent Auction items were great and all the crew that sold raffle tickets and Soni's parents, Sonny and Jean, you work hard for Jeff also. Guys and gals for being in the hot sun selling those tickets. Thanks Brandy and all the fans for Donations and helping Jeff. Nice to see all of you! Jeff was exhausted by the end of the evening. The heat was a little exhausting for him but he was happy to see everyone. He shook his head when looking at all the people. You all helped by being there for Jeff. Can't thank the people who donated items to help Jeff from near and far. Very compassionate people, Thank you Angela Griffiths-Dixon for being Soni's assistant and so much work you put into this and being there for Jeff. He enjoys your visits. We are so lucky to have such great friends. We did, however miss our Austin this year! (Soni's son).




Update 05/15/2014

Our WONDERFUL Donations so far for this years Benefit race:

1 Huge Scentsy basket of goodies from Missi Naylor Scriver
1 Grace Adele tablet Cover, 1 Purse, 1 Clutch wallet, 1 Coin purse, 1Tassel Rey Donated by Missi Naylor Scriver
4 autographed pictures from Andretti Autosports
4 tickets to the 2015 NASCAR weekend in LasVegas Motor Speedway
1 3 Foot Party Sub from Blimpies
1 $10 Gift Card to Cafe Ole
1 year Basic AAA Membership
1 two topping large pizza from Chicago Connection
2 tickets to the Boise State vs San Diego State foot ball game
1 family (4) certificate to Idaho Ice World
4 meal tickets to Chuck-A-Rama
2 1 hour spa room for two at Serenity Retreat
1 #14 stadium cushion, 1 #14 OD Button Down White Twill Shirt, 1 Ladies # 14 Diva sweatshirt with zipper, 1 youth #14 Bass Pro Black Sweat Shirt.
1 33" X 27" X 1". Mirror from Atkinson Mirror and Glass.
Thank you so much to EVERYONE who have donated to the Jeff Russell fund so far.





April 15,2014

Hi everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to check on Jeff and his progress. We, his Family really appreciate that! This is definitely a long road for Jeff and our family!
He's improving little by little. He is getting a few more words out and does work very hard with his Speech Therapist, Mari. It will take time and alot of patience.
He's looking forward to his 50th Birthday Party that his friend Denise is giving him. When we tell him about he really beams and seems excited! Should be fun for him and everyone! I know he would enjoy getting a card from anyone if they would like to send one. 1708 S. Curtis Rd., Boise, Idaho 83705.
Thanks everyone and continue to pray for his overall health and speech. You are welcome to come and visit with Jeff. He loves visitors!
Our love to you all!









Update...December 22, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,
Jeff is doing quite well and really trying to speak. Time is what a Brain Injury takes to heal, so we have to be patient, which Jeff sometimes gets very frustrated and I would too, probably worse than him! We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we are all looking forward to good things for 2014. Thanks for the prayers and we still need them for Jeff. Love you all near and far!



Update... October 30, 2013

Dear friends of Jeff. Jeff is slowly improving. Still not much speech yet but trying. Today is a rough day for me and it's been 3 yrs ago today since Jeff's accident!

I Want to thank everyone who has made it possible with your generous help and contributions to Jeff's Benefit Fund. Without the Benefits, Jeff would not be as far as he has progressed to this day. We Still need your prayers. It's such a slow process. I am his caregiver, while Pam works and Im so glad I am able to do this It's the hardest most gratifying job I've ever had. He loves to have company and that is part of his recovery, so everyone get on the bandwagon and help Jeff get well. He needs encouragement from his friends, so visit, take a half hour out of a day and let him know you love him.
Thank you everyone and Jeff still likes to get mail, so send a card once in awhile. We all need your encouragement and moral support.

We love you Jeff Russell and you can do it!-Mom-


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Update September 9, 2013 7:30am


Thank you everyone for supporting Jeff and helping him have another year of therapy! God Bless all of you! Jeff loved the races and seeing all of his friends and fans! He never forgets you! He is improving in his speech and I know he will speak again soon, we all pray for that daily! Next week, Sunday from 11:00 until 3:00 is the Car and Bike Show to help Jeff with the medical bills and we hope to see everyone there. It's free to get in but $10.00 to enter a car or bike which each participant will get a raffle ticket for entering. Raffle tickets, silent auction items and lunch will be available! Come and have a fun afternoon and let Jeff know you are there! Thanks for all your prayers and get well wishes! The address for the Car and Bike Show is Irish Auto Repair, 8600 W. Elisa St.,off Victory Between Maple Grove Rd. and Cole Rd, watch for signs ( turn down Victory View Way)




August 9, 2013

Jeff is doing quite well. The progress is very slow but he definitely knows what's happening. I think he misses his friends! I take care of him when Pam works and he responds well when I mention his friends but he seems puzzled when I ask if they have visited him, like he doesn't know why they haven't. I explain everyone is busy. Still not alot of speech in his recovery but we never give up, he tries! It's been a hot summer and he has problems tolerating the heat, so going outside is in the morning and late evening.


Jeff's Road to Recovery is at Meridian Speedway August 24th and we hope you will set things aside and attend for Jeff, not only to see Jeff but help out giving a few dollars to help us with his continued therapy that insurance does not cover. We need Jeff back, I miss him! Many local businesses and out of state business have donated so that we may continue with Jeff's journey to win this race. We have many neat raffle items and silent auctions items. It means alot to Jeff to see people supporting him and helps the family, too! Thanking you in advance and plan to attend and prayers for Jeff Russell. We love you Jeff Russell!




Update...Sunday May 5, 2013

Jeff is doing well, especially when he can get outside and roam around. Him and Pam are now chicken farmers and it has been very good therapy for him, gathering eggs and watching them. Pam's brother Steve built them a chicken coup and it's really cool! Pam's mom bought them 10 chickens. Pictures will come later. Jeff's birthday is next Friday, May 10th and I hope you will wish him a happy Birthday with cards sent to 1708 S Curtis Road, in Boise Idaho 83705. He loves getting mail. He also loves company, so let's go and see your friend Jeff! Prayers for his speech tgo return and his overall health, please! We love you all!

UPDATE... Wednesday Feb 20, 2013


Jeff is progressing very well. pixel1Slow but a long road! I was caring for Jeff last Monday and the UPS truck pulled in the driveway. Jeff took off as fast as he could, barefooted and yelled "Hey" to the driver he has known for a long time. The driver came over and talked to Jeff and the excitement and smile on Jeff's face was so warming. He was smiling all the way back into the house. He is doing well in physical therapy and not so much in speech but is trying! He hates the hyperbaric oxygen chamber but after some coaxing does go in for an hour a day. We think it is helping! Please keep the prayers going for Jeff and Pam! The get well site crashed and lost alot of the get well wishes, we feel so bad about that so please repost if you can. Feel free, friends to call Pam or Bob and I to go visit Jeff! I think you will feel good after you see him. He loves visitors! Thanks everyone!



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Update: January 1. 2013 2:00pm


The family of Jeff Russell would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, no stress, no sadness and good health would be great! Thanks for all the Christmas wishes for Jeff and things you did for him! I don't have to name the people who showed they truly care for him! I think he really enjoyed Christmas but tired him out a bit. I think he likes the karaoke machine Bob and I got him for Christmas. He was trying to sing to Rock N' Roll music today and keeping in rhythm and it certainly brought tears to my eyes! What a guy! Does show his stubborness from time to time but still has such a kind heart that still shows! Still need your love and prayers! Everyone be safe!









Update December 10, 2012 8:30 am



Jeff, Pam, Jennifer, Bob and I went to pick out Jeff' and Pam's Christmas tree yesterday. We go to his favorite fruitstand that has trees! He looks them over and feels the branches until he gets the right one. He picks the right one!! Jeff has been trying to get more words out and once in awhile he just blurts something out unexpectedly. He is improving slowly but knows what is going on. He plays the harmonica for me and does darn good! He is chewing gum to also strenthen the facial muscles, small things we take for granted. This will help him with getting his speech back. Thank goodness for our Tina, a wonderful friend, who is helping twice a week with a special speech program! Thank you, Tina! Special thanks to Jeff Goade and Randy Irish, for taking their time to take Jeff to the Ice Hockey games and out to lunch. As Goade said Jeff's just one of us guys! He really enjoys going places with his friends! Thank you Denise for being there, as always! Thank you everyone for thinking of Jeff and your continued prayers for the speech and overall health.
We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to remember what Christmas is about! I am sure Jeff would love to get Christmas Cards if you wish to send them to Jeff Russell, 1708 S. Curtis Rd., Boise, Idaho 83705.
May the good Lord bless you all!





Update for Jeff on Tuesday Oct. 30, 8:00am


It has been two years today, when all our lives changed. We are thankful for our Jeff and his strong will. We love him so much and cherish eveyday with him. He is progressing but very slowly and as everyone should know, a Traumatic Brain Injury can take years for a good recovery. Please always keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers. Please feel free to send cards and you that are close by , please go see him! Pray for his speech to return and his overall health. Thank you everyone for help and donations and thank you Pam for loving him and standing by him always. Our family knows he feels the love from everyone and we all need support from time to time. It has not been an easy journey for Jeff or the family. I love you so much Jeff and we will never give up! We will win! Love you always, Mom


Update for Jeff on Saturday, September 8th @ 3:45 pm
Thank you for supporting Jeff's Benefit Race at Meridian Speedway. He certainly has very generous people in his life. We would like to offer a special thanks to Soni and Brandy for their work - excellent job ladies! More thanks to all of you who donated for the raffle and silent auction items. Jeff had a very good time seeing you all. Someday soon he will be able to thank you himself. We will not give up on reaching toward his recovery. Thank you once again Meridian Speedway and friends!





Update: Sunday, August 19th @ 4:00 pm


Last Sunday we experienced another wonderful benefit for Jeff - Rods and Rides. It was such a great showing! We cannot thank you all enough for attending the event. It was so meaningful for Jeff to see you all. He had the best time and it was very good for him to stretch his memory, which he did with some of you. But he remembers you all! A very special thank you to Randy and Crissie Irish - Irish Auto Repair for sponsoring the event. We know the time and effort it takes to put together such a deluxe event. And an extra special thanks for sharing your anniversary with us! The food was amazing, as usual from The Tavern at Bown Crossing - thanks for your generous donation. We sincerely appreciate everyone who brought their beautiful cars and bikes, everyone who donated to Jeff's fund and the gifts for raffles and silent auction. Again, it was wonderful for Jeff to see all his great friends. Jeff, Pam and his entire family is so very thankful for all that you are doing for Jeff. He is on the road to recovery. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!


Update for Tuesday, July 18th @ 9:17pm


Jeff is progressing slowly but doing better. He had eye surgery last Tuesday and was happy about that! It will take 3-4 weeks for a full recovery. He would love to have company or hear from you by card or letter. The family looks forward to hearing from you also. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!



Update for Jeff on Thursday, May 10th @ 10:00 pm


Jeff had a wonderful birthday celebration tonight. Pam, his family and many of his closest friend were in attendance. I have enclosed a photos of his collection of birthday cards. It is so thoughtful of all of you who sent these lovely cards, photos, programs, gifts. Jeff also received a very special helmet from dear friend Randy Irish. This helmet was artfully created by Glen Cornell and purchased by Randy from a Meridian Speedway raffle winner last summer. A special gift in so many ways. Jeff is truly blessed to have all of you. Happy Birthday Jeff!



Update for Jeff on Tuesday, May 8th



Three days and counting until Jeff's birthday. Today during lunch, Pam and Mom were helping Jeff with all of his birthday cards that are beginning to roll in. We have representation from Missouri, California, New York, Washington and Ontario, Canada. Thanks so much and keep them coming. This is a very special and thoughtful gift from you all. We hope to post a picture of Jeff with his cards later this week.



Update for Jeff on Saturday, April 21st

We wanted to make you aware that Jeff's birthday is in three weeks - May 10th. Jeff really looks forward to the mail, especially receiving cards and letters. It would be amazing if he had a pile of birthday cards to open and read this year. Can you please help make this possible? Here is his address: Jeff Russell 1708 S. Curtis Road Boise, ID 83705 Please help to spread the word! And thanks for your ongoing well wishes to Jeff!!!


Update for Jeff on Tuesday, April 3rd @ 5:00 pm


Sorry it's been awhile since we have updated everyone!
Jeff is doing well on his long journey. He works hard in his occupational and physical therapy. He is also working really hard with his trainer, Dominic. We see progress every month, although small, but very encouraging.
Again, we welcome you to visit Jeff, it would make him so happy! Just e-mail Mom and Bob to make arrangements, so it won't conflict with his therapy. You'll probably get a big smile and hug from Jeff.

Please pray for Jeff's speech to return and his overall health to be okay.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes and prayers and love hearing from everyone on Jeff's website!
Update for Wednesday, February 2 @ 9:18 am.

Thanks so much to all of you who supported and attended the benefit for Jeff at Fast Lane on January 21. Your donations of time, travel and dollars are very much appreciated and will be put to very good use as we continue with Jeff's therapy. I am sure you all noticed how happy Jeff was to see so many of you. It seems he gets quite used to seeing the same faces from day to day. We really believe that being around the friends that he does not see very often is a positive stimulus for him. If you have the time and would like to visit with Jeff, please contact Bob and Marilyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a date and time to visit. He would love to see you! Thanks for your continued support and prayers.







January 21, 2012

Jeff Russell Benefit Race

@ Fast Lane

12048 West Franklin Rd Boise



Update: Saturday, December 31 @ 3:00 pm

Its been quite a year . . . both difficult and rewarding. Jeff has progressed to a great degree compared to last year at this time. For this we are grateful! It is very taxing on those closest to him to help get him further and further along. But we must remember how much Jeff pushed himself to be at his best. Taking every little thing to the next level seems to be what it takes. We wish for much more progress, specifically with his speech for this new year. We also wish for each member of our family and Jeff's close friends to have the strength to see him through each day. We love him so much! We are wishing for all of you a very happy and healthy new year!!!




Update: Monday, December 26th @ 7:45 am

Jeff is blessed in so many ways. He is cared for very well by those closest to him. He is also the recipient of your generosity and well wishes. We cannot thank you enough!!! We want to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah. Please cherish the time you have with your family and friends.



Update: Sunday, December 18th @ 5:15 pm

We celebrated Mom's 70th birthday last weekend. It was actually 7 days of celebration for Mom. A special week for a special Mom, who has been through a pretty tough year. Jeff had a good time, as well. Mom brought family photos and some of Jeff's drawings from our childhood, which is always fun to see. We are all looking forward to sharing the holidays together. Thanks for all of your special well wishes.



Update on Tuesday, November 29 @ 2:00 pm

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Jeff has come so far in 12 months. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Mom and Bob's today. The biggest smile of the day came when Jeff saw his niece, Mercedes. He loves her so much. Jeff was able to be with the group for a little over two hours. He tried to watch a little football. It is not so easy around a lot of people and the noise level is a bit distracting for him. It was great to be together this year. We hope you all had a nice day with your family and friends. Thank you for keeping Jeff in your thoughts and prayers.




A tribute to Jeff

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