Jeff Russell on his road to recovery

 Jeff is doing well on his long journey. He works hard at his occupational and physical therapy.   He is also working really hard with his trainer, Dominic.

We see progress every month, although small, but very encouraging.   Jeff is blessed many ways. He is cared for very well by those closest to him.

He is also has been the extremely grateful recipient of your generosity and well wishes.

We cannot thank you enough!!!  

Thanks so much to all of you who have helped both monitarily and plain old moral support.

Your donations of time, travel and dollars are very much appreciated and were and are. put to very good use as we continue with Jeff's therapy.

Its been quite a journey . . . both difficult and rewarding.   Jeff has progressed to a great degree compared to challenges he faced.

For this we are grateful!

It is very taxing on those closest to him but we must remember how much Jeff slways pushed himself to be at his best.

Taking every little thing to the next level seems to be what it takes.   I am sure to those of you who have visited him, how happy Jeff was to see you.

We really believe that being around the friends that he does not see very often is a positive stimulus for him.   If you have the time and would like to visit with Jeff, please contact Bob and Marilyn atemailjpgto schedule a date and time to visit. 

He would love to see you!